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How does Health Coaching help me reach my body weight goal?


Your weight, as well as your overall health, do not depend only on the food you eat. Many things in life contribute to your sense of nourishment and fulfillment. 


Things like healthy relationships, fulfillment from your job, a general feeling of joy and gratitude, and enjoyable physical activity are all forms of nourishment. When we have a balance in these areas of life,  we don’t need to control what you eat anymore, as healthy choices become your default choices. Unhealthy choices in food are just a reflection of an internal imbalance. The cravings for sugar or processed food are nothing more than an attempt to sedate a sense of unease or emptiness we feel unconsciously.


As a Health Coach, I work as a supportive mentor to give you guidance and accountability while you’re on your path to becoming the best version of yourself. 


This means we’ll take into consideration all the areas in your life to detect possible imbalances that are preventing you from reaching your goals. From here, we will work out a plan for you to be able to make progressive changes that are unique for your personal situations. 


This is why I’ll listen to you, to your worries and concerns, and I will help you to find out where you’re struggling the most. I will also offer you nutritional advice, that is 100% personalized. What we want to achieve is not to lose weight through a diet, but rather balance your whole lifestyle, both in the body and in mind, so that you will never have to diet again.


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