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Updated: Oct 31, 2020

Soooo Halloween is here again! And with it that dreadful thought of “I know I’m going to put on weight, I just can’t resist candies!”.

When holidays hit, so does all the food associated with them and, of course, also does the fear of gaining weight and the guilt and shame that inevitably follows every time we eat something we consider “naughty.”

Why do we keep doing this?

At some point in history, food stopped being just food and it became loaded with morals, something that has power over us, and that can make us feel good or bad about ourselves. We gave the power over our inner world to a piece of candy.

After the holidays, we usually decide to go on a diet, and then we feel bad because we’re hungry and feel deprived. We find ourselves constantly thinking, “Why is this so difficult for me?”

Then we indulge in eating something “prohibited,” feel ashamed, and before we know it, we go back to where you were. And, of course, feel all sorts of terrible things about ourselves.

Removing the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ behind these dishes will help change your focus. Food has no morality, and eating is not black and white. Once food has no moral assignment, it has much less power over you.

The potential feeling of guilt and the responses you seek to solve this intake can lead to harmful consequences. Eating this type of food for a single day means no problem. It is just one of the many foods that occur throughout the week.

Nutritionally, just like bodies, all foods are different. Emotionally though, all foods must be equal. One food does not make you bad, while the other makes you good.

If we can approach ALL FOODS as emotionally equal, we can truly begin to connect with our own inner wisdom.

This Halloween, try treating yourself a bit more gently by applying a little change in your behavior towards the dreaded yet delicious candies:

  • Choose that one candy that you really really like and eat it, but do it consciously! This means to eat it slowly and mindfully, not gobbling on it mindlessly while doing something else. Feel grateful for the amazing taste, and try to make it last in your mouth as long as possible. Make it a pleasurable experience rather than a “sin” you want to hide at all costs. There’s nothing wrong with eating something that you like, and you deserve it!

  • If you appreciate a healthier alternative (but make sure that you feel great about it and not deprived), try this recipe from my blog. You’ll feel nourished and like you’re treating your body nicely with tasty whole foods!

Remember that you need to have a healthy mind and a happy heart before having a healthy body.

Happy Halloween!

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