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Are you ready to ditch diets forever and to feel nourished in all the aspects of your life?  

How would it feel like to...

  • be confident that your ideal body weight is totally within your reach and that you know how to get there

  • enjoy the food you eat without feeling any guilt

  • be at peace with your body and feeling comfortable in your own skin

  • be free from painful and uncomfortable digestive issues

  • let go of past traumas and feel in control of your own life

  • believe in yourself and know that you can do anything you wish to do

  • know that you are setting a great example for your loved ones to follow just by being yourself

Viví la Vida is made of 3 different online 1 to 1 programs that adjust to your specific needs!

Listen to your body 

3 months mindset change program



This program is designed to get rid once and for all of the food cravings that arise, especially in times of stress, sadness, or anxiety. This type of eating compulsion has nothing to do with food at all. In fact, most people suffering from uncontrollable food cravings know perfectly what is good for them. This magnifies, even more, the guilt they feel afterward. 


Will identify and release the emotional pattern or belief system that keeps causing your food cravings or compulsive eating. The release will be both on a mental level, in the form of limiting beliefs and self-destructive mental chatter, as well as a physical/energetic level. 


After this program, you will finally feel free from the bondage of food cravings and will feel lighter in the body as well as in your mind and heart. Your mindset will be completely reprogrammed so that you will automatically make different choices. You will also be given a personalized nutritional plan with a focus on foods that help to relax the nervous system and reduce stress and anxiety as well as your convenience.


Who’s this program for?


This program is for those women who already have a fairly healthy diet and know perfectly what they need to eat to stay healthy. Nevertheless, they still have uncontrollable food cravings triggered by specific situations or feelings of stress, overwhelming, or anxiety. These “food attacks” can last for days or weeks, and every single time you end up feeling terrible about yourself.

This main symptom is often (but not always) accompanied by mood swings, anxiety, worrying, troubles sleeping, and lack of energy.

This program is also for those women who feel so much stress around food, who control portion size, count calories, and can not relax around food. 


Number of online sessions: 8 online sessions of 75 min 

Duration of the program: 3 months






You are what you eat

4 months food education and planning program



 This program is focused on nutrition. We all know in general that veggies are good for you and donuts not so much, but most people do not know which foods are actually the best for them as unique individuals. What is good for you might not be good for someone else, even if we’re talking about healthy foods like broccoli or carrots or kale.


To be able to achieve our weight and health goals, we need to go deeper into the understanding of our very unique constitution and discover which foods will help us to get where we want to be and which would be better left at the supermarket. This is because you might find out that you’re slightly intolerant to certain things and that they’re not doing you good at all. These foods might be causing digestive problems such as bloating (this happens especially after eating raw vegetables) or IBS.


 We also have to consider that if your diet has been rich in processed food or maybe you’ve taken medication or antibiotics frequently, your gut flora might have been disrupted. This situation is quite common, and it can bring a lot of added problems such as lack of energy, depression, anxiety, and mood swings. With this program, we will investigate your eating habits as well as your symptoms and possible emotional triggers. After this, we will try some food combinations and decide whether to do a detox diet for a few weeks or to eliminate certain foods or to introduce others or supplements to reinforce the gut flora. By the end of the program, you will be able to easily put together meals that offer you maximum nutrition, make you feel good, and aid your body to lose weight in the most efficient way.


Who’s this program for?


This program is specially designed for those women who have started making some changes in their eating habits but seem to have some struggle with their bodies’ reactions. They might be experiencing digestive problems such as bloating, inflammation, IBS, upset stomach or constipation, or any other bodily response that started with their dietary changes. Having such reactions can be confusing and frustrating, and it’s definitely a sign that something must be done differently. 


Number of online sessions:  9 online sessions of 75 min

Duration of the program: 4 months






Life Revolution

6 months total body & mind shift


This is my most comprehensive program. It is designed to give you all the support you need to reach your ideal weight without suffering or frustration. This program will change your life forever. During these six months, we will look into patterns or toxic belief systems that are holding you back to achieve your goal and reprogram them. After paying attention to the mind, we will proceed to listen, understand, and balance any physical symptoms associated with the same emotional root cause.

We also will be working on the nutritional plan. This will not be a diet, you will not be told what to eat and what not, on the contrary, we will start where you are, and I will guide you while you learn to listen to and understand your body’s needs. This will lead you to gradually begin nourishing your body in a way that feels natural and comfortable. We will look into your gut health and what you need to restore the internal balance that keeps you happy and healthy.


We will explore your whole life situation to reestablish balance where it is needed and also to keep things easy and convenient for you. 

After this program choosing the food that is right for you will become easy, and you won’t need to struggle anymore. As a result, you’ll lose weight much more efficiently and consistently. After reaching your goal, you won’t need to battle to keep your ideal weight because you’ll just keep choosing the best for you and feel like you deserve all the good you can get. You’ll love and understand yourself deeply and will feel ready to conquer the world!


Who’s this program for?


This program is for those women that have tried everything and feel frustrated because nothing seems to work for them, and they feel lost. There’s confusion about nutrients, what’s good and what’s not, and too much conflicting advice! They tried many times, but they can’t be consistent, they think it’s all about willpower and believe that maybe theirs is just not strong enough. There’s a tendency to blame themselves, not only for their weight but also for everything that is not going well in their lives and the lives of their loved ones. 

Harsh feelings arise when looking at their image in the mirror. They would love to wear whatever they like instead to always go to what camouflages their body.

They often have other physical symptoms, like lack of energy, intolerances, digestive problems, skin problems, or joint pain.


Sessions included in the program: 15 online sessions of 75 min 

Duration of the Program: 6 months.




Single Online Sessions


Bodytalk System - PSYCH-K or Nutrition Coaching 


My approach and philosophy

"The greatest mistake physicians make is that they attempt to cure the body without attempting to cure the mind, yet the mind and the body are one and should not be treated separately"




The reason why most weight loss programs fail is because all the attention goes to correct the behavior towards food and exercise without addressing the reason why we have that behavior in the first place. I believe that this paradigm is wrong and that we need to change it. Body and mind have to be in balance first; the rest will naturally follow.


Are you ready to change your life forever? 

I periodically have openings for new clients. Click on the button below to apply for a free 30-minute Discovery Call so we can talk about where you are today in your relationship with food and body, where you hope to go, and how I can help you get there. We’ll talk about what has worked (or not worked) for you in the past, and I can answer any questions about my programs that aren’t covered in the FAQ!



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